Who We Serve

Who are our clients? It seems complicated as there could be many options, but it’s actually simple: Anyone who loves beauty is the perfect Bound for Style customer. We focus our products on the ones who see beauty and style as a form of self-expression and an art medium on its own; they’re also the reason for our constant search in variety, inspiring us and illuminating the “idea” bulb over our heads.

We craft our brand thinking about the passion we have for beauty and the magic that comes out of it when it’s mixed with art, history, culture and technology. If you share that feeling, you’re already a part of us, because we think about everyone who works in beauty: From owners of big style businesses, little beauty shops and hair salons which are starting on the field, to skilled hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists and beauty photographers, just to name a few.

Our mission is to make a powerful resource from beauty photography, using its qualities to advertise and promote your brand. Since beauty always gives a message, we aspire that you use it to get the type of client you want; and now it’s easy to find tools for improving your beauty shop, as we’ve gathered most of them. This way, we shorten you the otherwise exhausting process.

We also want to lend a hand towards beauty photographers, helping them evolve on what they do. That’s why our site allows them to show, share and sell their artworks to the public like a store; providing them the platform, so they make out the best from their craft.


Client testimonial

“All products are very nice and easily accessible. Great prints we use for our salon.”

Collette Knapp,Salon OwnerNico & Tino

Client testimonial

“The print options are awesome. It’s a great site, well organized and clear. All Categories are

Alexander Hauser, Celebrity Hairartist andCEO, Alexander HauserHairdesign Creative

Client testimonial

“I love the downloadable idea which I will use for my website.”

Lea Isgrigg,Owner Visions Hair Salon