What We Do

As we believe in affordable ways for you to enhance the décor of your salon, beauty shop, spa and any place in general that offers style treatments for their clients, Bound for Style specializes in services whose purpose is to give you access into a library brimming with inspiring, high-quality beauty photos, which are easy to download so you can use them as you please. But that’s only a part of what we do. Since it can be tedious to find the perfect place to print and create displays for your pictures, we offer hair salon/beauty shop owners and style lovers a chance to make the whole process in a breeze.

Wall Art

In advertising as in beauty, the motto of “the bigger, the better” can be accurate many times, and what’s bolder than a wall art placed on your business? It lets your customers know what you do in a magnificent manner, thanks to its size and colors. In Bound for Style, we print and frame photos with techniques from the craft, on surfaces such as wood, acrylic, canvas and so much more. Any material that serves as a blank page, we turn it into a timeless message.

Promotional Products

To establish your business into the style area, marketing material comes as a helpful tool as it catches people’s attention, much more when it’s done professionally. In a visual field such as beauty, style and fashion, Bound for Style creates promotional products for your salon, printing our dazzling photos into objects like home décor pieces and phone cases; which assure you to stamp a versatile, glamorous image for your clients.


A traditional but effective source to provide examples of your body of work comes in the form of a lookbook, showing hair treatment, styles and makeup with precision and high quality, for the most detailed observers. Bound for Style has created exclusive lookbooks, handpicked from portfolios of amazing artists worldwide, whose imaginative minds will provide you with the help you need to visually explain your skills. Don’t struggle to hire a studio, as our lookbooks are carefully designed and easy to use.

A Showcase Platform for Beauty Photographers

If you’re passionate about beauty photography, we want to encourage you, inspire you and be a resource for you to get your personal brand on the radar. Bound for Style, through its website, offers a platform for professional beauty photographers, so they can exhibit their portfolio but also sell copies and prints of it, with their own prices. Your passion can be your business, and our goal is to help you give it a life of its own.

Latest Salon Lookbooks

Bound for Style lookbooks are stylishly designed and easy to use at the same time. Each lookbook contains 80 stunning photos that showcases the best trends of the season.

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Featured Photographer

Erich Caparas

FMPA at the Master Photographers Association, UK & Bound for Style’s esteemed Brand Ambassador for Photography

A collection of high-end beauty and art photos.

Bound for Styles amazing high-end photo collections are the first of its kind, offering gorgeous beauty images made by diverse photographers from all over the world , for salons and beauty lovers worldwide.

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