Salon Marketing Ideas that Creates Lifetime Customers

Salon Marketing Ideas that Creates Lifetime Customers

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Salon Marketing Ideas that Creates Lifetime Customers

As business owners, there are goals that we should be able to achieve as time progresses. We should be able to establish a brand identity, create salon marketing strategies that go beyond the traditional, and build a relationship with clients in the first few months of our opening. But you know what the hardest part really is? Turning those clients into lifetime customers.

Salon marketing has advanced with the technology available for us to use. These days, s simple brochure or flyer is simply not enough for customers to get a gist of the kind of services we offer. Now, we need to post on Facebook about upcoming promos, on Instagram to show new styles that we can do, on Twitter to get more in touch with our clientele, or even create an app for highend beauty photo that customers can download for instant style inspiration. By doing all this, we hope to strengthen our relationship with our customers, which then leads to improved clientele retention.

Returning customers is where the value of our brand comes from. These are people who have remained loyal to the service we provide them, and will continue to be loyal forever if we do not botch our relationship with them. So here we have listed down ways in which we can create a culture of customer loyalty.

Offer value-added service for returning customers

Look at the roster of services you offer and see which ones have not been given the attention it deserves. For instance, you might be offering waxing and massage services but your patrons only know you for hair styling and manicures. So that your returning customers know that there are other services you can deliver perfectly, consider creating packages for them. How does a royal treatment package that includes a hair cut, manicure and pedicure, and 30-minute back massage sound? This way, you can show them that your salon can be is the one stop shop for body pampering and relaxation.

Personalize promos for special events

Special events are the lifeblood of the industry so creating a salon marketing strategy around different occasions is a great way to get clients to come back. You can execute this better once you learn how to maximize the use of your social media pages and your website. Salon owners will benefit from having a mailing list that has been built through these avenues since email marketing is still considered to be one of the most effective salon marketing techniques there is. For instance, with June – September being the peak months for weddings, you can create a discount package offering your services and pushing this through email marketing.

Write blog posts about your plans for the salon

Another way to strengthen your relationship with your clientele is by posting relevant content on your company blog. Write articles about hair care, nail care, and about all the other services that you offer. You can even include promotional articles and events that you might have planned. Your blog is also the perfect avenue to show behind-the-scenes photos of your salon and show them a glimpse of your daily routine. You can even share with them your plans for the future.  Use your company blog to show the human aspect of your business and clients will start to see a side of your brand that is totally relatable.

Engage them on social media

An easy (and probably the most fun!) way to communicate with clientele is through social media. With most businesses only posting if they have announcements or promos. you can set yourself apart by making your social media pages exciting. Post photos of the “hairstyle of the day”, or product tips to get your clients’ attention. A simple greeting like, “hey, how are you doing today?” or a “good hair day or bad hair day” poll can also engage customer humour and will motivate them to communicate back.

These are tried and tested salon marketing ideas to retain clients. Now all you need to do is go through this list and get to work. And because salon marketing isn’t that challenging as it seems, over time you’ll be able to build up on your strategy or improve it as you go along.

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