Salon Body Language Tips That Give the Right Impression

Salon Body Language Tips That Give the Right Impression

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Salon Body Language Tips That Give the Right Impression

What is the most important thing to get right when you are in the service industry, especially in the field of beauty and wellness?

You can have the best interior design, the most competitive prices, even a high-end beauty collection that no other salon has, and yet people will still choose other establishments over yours. When you have done all of these and you still can’t get enough traction, the next thing to do is look at your team and how they handle themselves.

When it comes to the service industry, there are three things you need to look out for:

  • The words being used to relay a message
  • The tone of voice with which this message was said
  • The body language while talking to a client

While words and tone are important in communication, a big chunk of communication comes from body language as well. Think about it, you’ve probably encountered someone talking to you excitedly both in tone and words, but their body posture makes them look like they are bored with you. Indeed, the old adage “actions speak louder than words” is 100% true when it comes to salons.

Body language techniques for your salon team

Make eye contact

Probably the most basic body language tip is making eye contact with your clients. It shows interest, and not doing so will make it look like you’re not listening to what they’re saying. Come one, we’ve all experienced getting really frustrated when a colleague or a waiter refuses to look us in the eye, it tells you that they’re too busy to deal with you at the moment. And in the service industry, doing that will cause you problems.

Additionally, show them that you are listening by reacting to what they are saying. Nod, tilt your head, lean forward if you must.

Drop what you are holding

Avoid putting a physical barrier between you and the client. Which means avoid crossing your arms and drop whatever it is that you are holding. This shows that you are ready to give your 100% attention to the client speaking to you.

Build good rapport by consulting with them face-to-face

There are some salon beauticians that would immediately ask their clients to sit down and do all the talking from behind them. Sometimes it is understandable especially if the client was sure about the kind of haircut they want and the stylist just wants to see how the end product would turn out.

However, if you encounter someone who does not have any idea about the style that they like, doing consultations from behind them feels impersonal. What you do is ask them to sit on the chair and then pull out a stool discuss things with them face-to-face. Not only will it be beneficial for you as a stylist since you can easily how a new hairdo will frame their face, but it gives the whole consultation a friendly, more personal touch.

And do not forget to provide the lightest touch. A tap on the shoulder or on the hands are enough to solidify a bond with clients. Of course, you still need to gauge and read whether a client will be comfortable with these, so do it sparingly.

Fix your posture

Last, but not least, always make sure you have good posture. Avoid slouching and dropping your chin, instead stand or sit straight, relax your shoulders, and keep your head level.


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