Hair Extension Marketing Tips

Hair Extension Marketing Tips

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Marketing Hair Extensions

The hair extensions business is becoming a booming market. Hair Extensions are quickly becoming more popular across all groups. This growing demand indicates that there is even more of an opportunity for you to be in the hair extension business! But, how do you sell more hair extensions for your business? You could have the best bundles anyone ever tried, but if you aren’t marketing your products correctly, does it matter? The purpose of marketing is to capture the attention of your target market, aid in your prospect’s purchasing decision, and offer a specific product for them to buy.

Compiled below is a quick list of tips to help you facilitate all of your marketing decisions!

Hair Extension Website

First and foremost, you need a place to sell your products. Some people might see some success selling through Instagram’s DM or Facebook Messenger, but it’s a risky game to build off of someone else’s platform. Having a fast, well-designed website with a variety of in-demand hair extensions will be the key to your long-term success. Keep your site design clean and straightforward. Stay away from flashing buttons and crazy colors. It will become more of a distraction, and your customers will not convert. The goal is to drive traffic to your website, which is your very own marketing platform! Decide how to arrange your site and what to sell. Will you be offering hair extensions strictly? Will you be offering styling services as well? What about other related products, such as, mink lashes wholesale or edge control? Remember that it’s crucial that you have a great looking hair extension website to help facilitate a client’s purchase. You can send traffic to your site all day, but if it’s not functional to convert sales, then you’re not going to be happy with your marketing efforts.

Send Your Products to Brand Influencers

Social Influencers are playing a more substantial part in marketing, especially in these past few years. A social influencer or hair ambassador is someone that has established authority and a massive social media following in the industry. People love to buy what their favorite Instagram celebs are wearing. The customers look at them and build a rapport that lasts longer than other types of relationships. Figure out what products you want to send to the influencers based on their following. Do they seem like the type to want hair extensions?
What about mink lashes wholesale? How much will you send? Many times more of the influencers with a more significant following will ask for both free product and money to promote it on their social channels. If you don’t have the budget for a big-time influence start with someone that is a little smaller. Search for local influencers in your state or area. Working with an up and coming YouTube star can be very rewarding! As their subscriber base grows so will the power of their promotions. If you support them when they are smaller, they might sponsor you when they are bigger! It’s worth it!

Host a Pop-Up Shop

Getting a group of people to go to a “buying” event is always a winner! If you are worried about not having a huge following yet and believe that nobody would show up, I got you covered! Your plan should be to get an additional seven to ten vendors that have a similar customer base as hair extension buyers. For example, one of the vendors could be a hair stylist, while another one is a nail tech. While you are telling prospects about your products, other candidates could be getting halo extensions put in from a hair stylist. The best part is those extensions could come from your brand. Win, win! When you add in other vendors this the chances for a successful pop-up shop will be higher because you can feed off the marketing efforts of many more people. If you are not the organizer of the pop-up shop, you need to find ones you can be a participant.

Make Unique Business Cards

Business cards are handy in any situation because they are small and convenient. Handing them out in person is a fantastic way to give someone information about your business. It is essential to make your business cards stand out! You will have to pay for originality! If you hand someone your business card and they do not compliment you on it, then you might want to consider getting new ones. There are many forms of eye-catching business cards including plastic cards, metal cards, silk cards, and embossed foil cards. You should always have your business cards on you and ready to shoot one out to any woman wearing weave! You will not regret this decision. She may ask you at that moment if you hold pop up shops and that is when you can tell her about your halo extensions service from your good friend that is a hair stylist!

Ask for Reviews of Your Products

These days the only ones we trust when it comes to recent purchases are the people who already bought the product we want! Customers love reading reviews, but the problem is they are not always easy to get. Customers seem to be more likely to leave negative reviews, but the positive ones remain in the air. Personally, reach out to the customers you know initially and ask them to take just a minute to leave you an honest review.

Press, Press, Press!

Getting written up by the press is not as hard as you think. It helps to skyrocket sales due to the credibility it adds to your brand. If you are looking for news about your products, you will want to start with smaller publications or blogs in your city. The next step to do is to offer your business knowledge and expertise to writers looking for entrepreneurs to be part of their stories. You can land some massive publications from this. The stories will link to your website and give you an enormous bump in SEO ranking. These links will also give you the credibility every business is trying to achieve!

Now You Are a Marketing Pro!

Marketing is not as hard as people make it seem. As long as you have a clear goal for your business, you can implement ideas to make that goal a reality.

Have you thought about any marketing tactics for your hair extensions business? What are some tactics you use for your business already? Leave a comment below!

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