15 Women OWNING Short Hairstyles

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In an earlier article we listed 15 men who looked brilliant with traditionally 'feminine' long hair – now it's time to give some love to women making heads turn with their ‘boyish’ hairstyles! We've mentioned before that it was in the 1920's when women jumped on the bandwagon of wearing sleek bobs, eton crops, and other short hairstyles.

However an even earlier instance wherein women were seen in short hairstyles was in 1908, when modernist couturier Paul Poiret chopped off models' hairs for a presentation of his collection in Paris. It was known in France as 'mode à la garçonne', meaning 'hairstyle of a man'.

Today, it is no longer unusual to see modern women with very short hairstyles. Here are a few examples:

  1. When Twiggy shocked the world with her boyishly short haircut and big beautiful eyes

    short hairstyles twiggy


  2. The time Natalie Portman was growing out her hair (and wearing it well) shortly after shaving it all off for a movie role

    short hairstyles natalie portman


  3. This stunning beauty with short, soft curls

    short hairstyles soft curls


  4. This lady showing off her beautiful jawline with a mohawk short hairstyles mohawk

  5. Amber Rose's bleached buzz cut

    short hairstyles amber rose


  6. This side-swept hair with a long fringe

    short hairstyles long fringe


  7. This lady looking absolutely ravishing with a buzz cut

    short hairstyles buzz cut


  8. Haley Berry's spiked, wavy pixie

    short hairstyles halle berry


  9. This textured pixie cut

    short hairstyles textured pixie cut


  10. This smoky lavender undercut

    short hairstyles lavender undercut


  11. Anne Hathaway's elegant pixie

    short hairstyles anne hathaway


  12. Jennifer Lawrence's pixie cut

    short hairstyles jennifer lawrence


  13. Another stunning example of a woman's mohawk

    short hairstyles blonde mohawk


  14. Emma Watson's surprising yet stunningly gorgeous pixie cut

    short hairstyles emma watson


  15. And lastly, this edgy, lavender tapered hair.

    short hairstyles lavender tapered hair


While these styles won’t suit everyone, any girl interested in trying a short hairstyle should go for it at least once in their lifetime! For one, you will save money on products. You’ll also have to deal with fewer tangles (or none!), it’s easier to maintain, and it’s super convenient especially during the summer. Why not pop on over to your favourite salon and give it a try?

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