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Photo by Gemree Mangilit

Industry Pro’s and Beauty Aficionados

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About Bound for Style

How It Started?

Our love for beauty and publishing started in 1999 when we saw the potential for hair and fashion experts to communicate their brand and art through visual work. We then started producing salon promotional materials in Europe to help professional hairdressers show different hairstyles and trends to their clientele. 18 years later, we are committed to bringing beauty to the rest of the world using the best that digital technology has to offer. We have made it our business to develop innovative products and avenues to help beauty salons and beauty lovers. Our website is home to countless salon industry information which includes marketing techniques and expert tips on how to manage a salon business. We also provide beauty and grooming tips for enthusiasts and those who are passionate about beauty. To cultivate our community, we are committed in creating a place where contributors and industry pros alike can share their creative ideas.
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Photo by Erich Caparas

Aims to serve the beauty industry

Bound for Style is the product of years of experience, passion and hard work. We are inviting all professionals who like the opportunity to share and earn in a progressive business opportunity that aims to serve the beauty industry worldwide. Peter Buijs, Team Bound for Style

Latest eBooks

Bound for Style eBooks are stylishly designed and easy to use at the same time. Each eBook contains 80 stunning photos that showcases the best trends of the season.

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Featured Photographer

Erich Caparas

FMPA at the Master Photographers Association, UK & Bound for Style’s esteemed Brand Ambassador for Photography

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