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Since photography was developed, beauty, fashion and style have been its main subject. Photos help to spread beauty, getting to the eyes of many observers, who can judge or love what they see. Style would’ve never been what it is now without photography; but there are still places which work with beauty and don’t take this resource at its maximum, becoming invisible to the public. A picture says more than a thousand words, and beauty tells a story thanks to the eye who sees it. We want to be part of the talk, combining beauty with a partner: Photography.

This is the reason why Bound for Style was created, after almost 20 years of experiences. We searched and travelled to find a medium where people specialized in style could access to a diverse library, full of high-quality beauty photos. If you’re looking how to decorate your salon walls, our downloadable photos represent the perfect touch for it, as it impacts the audience while showing an example of the hairdresser/makeup artist/stylist’s work. However, that’s just a part of our services, as we dive as well in the wall art area, printing and framing images onto practically any material (wood, acrylic, canvas…), but also printing them in objects such as home décor and phone cases.

We want beauty to be accessible for everyone, and to represent an essential part of your sales strategy as a beauty shop, salon and spa; or your portfolio as a hairdresser or makeup artist. Your workplace should reflect elegance and vanguard, but it shouldn’t be so expensive and difficult to do it. Because of this, Bound for Style thinks about services that help you on the quest for beautiful photos, wall décor and look books, without wasting your
time and money.

Peter and Gemree

Founder and Creative Director

Bound for Style

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About Bound for Style

How It Started?

My love for beauty and publishing started in 1999 when I saw the potential for hair experts to communicate their brand and art through visual work. I then started producing salon promotional materials in Europe to help salon owners show different hairstyles and trends to their clientele.

18 years later, we are committed to bringing beauty to the rest of the world using the best downloadable beauty photos, look books and print on demand with framing options. We have made it our business to develop innovative products and avenues to help beauty salons and beauty lovers.

Our website is home to countless salon industry information which includes marketing techniques and expert tips on how to manage a salon business. We also provide beauty and grooming tips for enthusiasts and those who are passionate about beauty.

Aims to serve salons and beauty lovers worldwide

Bound for Style is the product of years of experience, passion and hard work. We are inviting all contributors, salons and beauty lovers worldwide.

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Photo by Erich Caparas